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Wings2Fly Theatre are Holden Street Theatres resident youth theatre company!

Wings2Fly Theatre is a youth training theatre company based in Adelaide. They rehearse and perform plays during April, July & October school holidays!

After first performing at Holden Street Theatres in January of 2019 with Bad Auditions by Bad Actors we have been so excited to see the company grow to include not only the classic Wings2Fly Theatre Program catering to school aged children 10+ but also to welcome the Wings2Fly Junior Program, which is a more informal way to introduce children from years 1 - 5 into the world of theatre. In 2022 we are so excited to have the brand new Evolution Program that will bring older performers aged 18 - 25 into the Wings2Fly family.

Holden Street Theatres and Wings2Fly are so excited to be working together to nurture young performers and present our audience with quality Adelaide theatre.

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Upcoming Productions

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Past Productions

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2022 Season

Property Rites
Adelaide Fringe
17th - 20th February

Once Upon a Crime & The Case of Alex Hansen
April Season
29th - 30th of April

Boat & Know Your Role
July Season
16th - 17th July

The Elf on a Shelf Must Die & Cheaters
October Season
9th - 10th October

Wings2Fly Junior
19th - 21st April
Performance 21st April

19th - 21st July
Performance 21st July

11th - 13th October
Performance 13th October


Our Place
3rd - 6th August