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Red Phoenix Theatre is Holden Street Theatres' resident theatre company and is dedicated to producing only Adelaide premieres*

Red Phoenix create fresh and inspiring theatrical experiences including:

Brand new plays

Unexplored classics by great writers

Fresh adaptations

If a play hasn’t previously been staged in Adelaide then it’s our honour and mission to bring it to you.

Along with a splash of dazzling contemporary plays, you can still expect to see great plays by great names such as Aristophanes, Euripides, Shakespeare, Ibsen, Strindberg, Havel, Albee, Mamet, and a long list of others. Many of their wonderful works have never received a public performance in Adelaide.

This is the Red Phoenix Theatre mission.

Artistic Director Michael Eustice says:

"We have embarked on a theatrically themed voyage. During the next four years we will explore the old adage about the things we are told we should never discuss in polite company; politics, religion, money and sex. 2017 was the first year of our vision’s journey and we staged three plays all linked by the theme of Politics. This has been followed by Religion & Faith (2018), Money (2019) and 2020 will be a year filled with Sex. We refuse to bite our tongues."

2022 Season


Past Productions

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