That's Not How I Remember It & Orange is the New Glass

Wings2Fly Theatre present


Wings2Fly Theatre are back with two hilarious one act plays:-

Orange is the New Glass will be performed first, a cleverly written script entwining popular fairy tales with a twist, followed by a short interval. Then That's Not Hot I Remember It, a couple try to explain how they met to their young son, but they don't seem to remember the same story!

Both plays together will form an entertaining afternoon or evening at the theatre. Suitable for all ages

Running time around 2 hours.

Between Saturday 11 July 2020 4:00 PM and Sunday 12 July 2020 6:00 PM

That’s Not How I Remember It

by Don Zolidis

Mum and Dad love to tell the story of how they met in 1986 -- "pretty much the most awesome year ever." Trouble is, they remember their courtship completely differently. Mum's version makes their meeting sound like a sappy romantic comedy while Dad somehow makes himself the star of a karate battle. This tubular one-act is a crazy homage to bad 80s movies and the inadequacies of memory.


Emily Harwood as Mum (Adult Lola)

Tim Giumelli as Dad (Adult Barry)

Ashlee Scott as Young Lola

Byron Jeffery as Young Barry

Lily Bratchell as Jane, Lola's Mum

Tim Whalan as David, Lola's Dad

Rhys Bradley as Karl

Flynn Doyle as Yann/Yann 2

Olive Schaffer as Tricia

Isabelle Braun as Melissa/Thug 1/Nurse 1/Partygoer 1

India Zorkovic as Jessica/Thug 3/Nurse 2/Partygoer 2

Natalie Lockyer as Alyssa/Thug 2/Nurse 3/Keymaster

Orange is the New Glass

by Tyler Dwiggins

In a fairy-tale kingdom obsessed with pop culture and social media, fairy godmothers are lawyers and the Three Little Pig-arazzi chase celebrities. But when Cinderella leaves her self-absorbed prince and winds up in jail with an unlikely girl squad, she doesn't just cause a sensation--she starts a revolution. A warmhearted comedy full of clever characters.


Amelia Trott as Mother Goose

Chloe Rice as Mama Bear/Sleeping Beauty

Gracie Manifold as Goldie (Locks)

Lucy Braun as Mort

Olivia Whitbread as Woody

Billy Rowan as Mr Bell

Zayla Rice as Cinderella

Josh Elford as Prince Charming

Imogen Starr as Boss

Emily Braun as Officer Hare

Saachi Thakur as Officer Tortoise

Sophie March as Rapunzel

Marsha Zabanias as Barbara

Evie Harris as Little Mermaid/Snow White

Charlie Zorkovic as Pinocchio

Orange is the New Glass & That's Not How I Remember It


Genre: Theatre/Comedy

Season: 2020

Dates: 11 & 12 July

Duration: 2 hrs (with interval)


Saturday 11 July- 4pm & 8pm

Sunday 12 July - 2pm & 6pm

General Admission: $25

Venue: The Studio

34 Holden Street, Hindmarsh SA 5007


HST are making every effort to make our performances accessible to all patrons. Accessible seating is available in The Studio.

Tickets Available Now!

Orange is the New Glass & That's Not How I Remember It