The Man From Earth

Presented by Red Phoenix Theatre and Holden Street Theatres



"What if a man for the Upper Paleolithic had survived until the present day?"

- John Oldman

Red Phoenix Theatre presents the stage adaptation of the cult phenomenon, The Man From Earth which is ranked on IMDB as one of the top sci-fi films of all time. Like the film, the stage play derives its outstanding success, not from mind-blowing computer generated visual effects, but rather on fascinating ideas which is at the very foundation of great science fiction.

The screenplay was written by the legendary sci-fi writer, Jerome Bixby, which he finished on his deathbed in 1998. Bixby created some of the most memorable moments of contemporary science fiction including episodes of the original series of Star Trek and The Twilight Zone. The stage adaptation of The Man From Earth was created by the film's director, Richard Schenkman. The play is very faithful to the screenplay and beautifully captures the wonderful mystery and intrigue which inspired the film's cult status.

The intriguing plot navigates its way through departing history professor John Oldman's startling claim that he is 14,000 years old. He asserts that he must move on every ten years before people notice that he doesn’t age. As the night unfolds, his fantastic story is met with both ridicule and bemusement. The gathering of close friends and academics endeavours to dismantle his story, however, they struggle to prove the claim one way or the other. If John Oldman's story is true, what would he have seen, what amazing historical truths would he know and are there others like him?

The Man From Earth is science fiction writing at its very best, exploring the what if's and the unknowns of human life and history.


★★★★1/2 'This is seriously good, entertaining theatre.' - The Clothesline

It brings consternation, rejection, profound upset, and moral fear as certainties of science and history are roughly shaken up. Kimber recognises the darkness at the heart of human endeavour, to know, to be sure, to be safe Bixby is addressing. - The Barefoot Review

'Like any cast for a good performance, they have to believe in their environment and in what they are doing there. Primitives do just that around any water hole they consider sacred. That’s a test any performers should face in any play, no less than 'The Man from Earth.' - Robert Kimber, Director

"This is a rare and exciting opportunity to see quality science-fiction playwriting on the stage." - WeekendNotes Adelaide

"Intriguing philosophical concepts form the foundation of any great science fiction story — as is the case with Red Phoenix Theatre’s production of The Man from Earth." - The Advertiser

"The Man From Earth gradually and stimulatingly builds to a pitch of near hypnotic intensity" - The Hollywood Reporter

"A tall tale that ends with a devastatingly clever twist." - The Providence Journal


Cast & Crew

Directed by Robert Kimber

Cast includes: Eliza Bampton, Brendan Cooney, Derek Crawford, Lindsay Dunn, Brant Eustice, Fahad Farooque, Andrew Horwood, Brett Johns , Lyn Wilson and Alicia Zorkovic'


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Dates and Times

16 - 18 August 7:30pm

19 August 2:00pm

22 - 25 August 7:30pm


The Studio

34 Holden Street
SA 5007


Ticket Prices

Adult: $25

Concession: $19

Group (6+): $21

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