"This simply is perhaps the best theatre you will see all year – it certainly has been for this reviewer – with an experienced and talented cast at the top of their games." - By Peter Maddern

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Reginald Rose’s classic drama comes to Holden Street this October

Matt Byrne Media will present a new take on the timeless Reginald Rose jury room drama 12 Angry Men at Holden Street Theatres from October 12 to 29.

In 1957 New York 12 men enter a jury room to deliver their verdict on a murder case where a young Puerto Rican man has been accused of murdering his father.

The case appears straightforward … but one man has reasonable doubts about the facts, and against the odds he must try the case properly in the pressure cooker of the jury room.

Director/designer Byrne said the theatre would be reconfigured to present a more intimate look at the play.

“We will put the audience in the Jury room with us and give each patron a connection to one of the 12 Jurors,” Byrne said.

“So they will be more involved than usual in this absorbing look inside the hearts of men who have a solemn duty to find the truth.

“What begins as a judgement on the young man’s guilt, soon becomes a fierce examination of the men given the job of deciding his fate. It may be 1957 but it could equally be today.”

Director Matt Byrne has assembled a powerful cast to tackle this intense and engaging drama.

“I have longed to stage this show in The Studio at the wonderful Holden Street Theatres,” Byrne said. “It’s going to be a very intense production and I’m delighted with the cast.”

The movie version starred Henry Fonda as Juror No. 8 and was nominated for three Academy Awards and a later television version won Jack Lemmon an Emmy Award for his performance in the same role.

“A penetrating, sensitive and sometimes shocking dissection of the hearts and minds of men, that reaches far beyond the close confines of the jury room.” – New York Times.




David Grybowski as Juror No. 8,Angus Smith as the Foreman, James McCluskey-Garcia as No. 2, Matt Byrne as No. 3, David Havilland as No. 4, Nathan Quadrio as No. 5, Russell Ford as No. 6, James Black as No. 7, John R. Sabine as No. 9, James Whitrow as No. 10, Neville Phillis as No. 11 and Sam Davy as No. 12

Season: 2016



12 - 15, 19 - 22 & 26 - 29 @ 8:00pm

22 & 29 @ 2:00pm


Adults $30 and Concessions $25 with Group Concessions for 10 or more.

Companion Card holders welcome.

Venue: The Studio, Holden Street Theatres


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