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The Conspirators poster a lady's face in Andy Warhol pop art style

This hysterically funny play by one of Europe's most admired playwrights is receiving its Australian premiere at Holden Street Theatres.

In a fictional country, the dictator Olah has been overthrown to finally institute a democracy. However, the Prime Minister’s advisors have become concerned that the Prime Minister won’t be strong enough to resist if Olah returns. So they form a fake conspiracy to overthrow the government, hoping that a stronger military, more censorship, and the torture of a political prisoner will help preserve their democratic ideals.

Production history
This play was the first Havel wrote after the Czech government banned his work was, and it took him five years to complete. It was handed off in a bathroom and smuggled from the country, eventually to be performed at Theater der Stadt in Baden-Baden, Germany.

Laugh out loud comedy with an occasional whipping, no really...


Holden Street Theatres - The Studio

Cast and Crew

Adrian Barnes

Anna Bampton

Brant Eustice

Emily Branford

Gabi Douglas

Heather Jones

Hugo Fielke

Jan Farr

Kyla Booth

Libby Drake

Martha Lott

Michael Eustice

Nick Fagan

Richard Parkhill

Ruby Faith

Russell Slater

Steve Marvanek

Tony Busch


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Brant Eustice and Adrian Barnes in arm chairs at the first reading Martha Lott at the first reading Kyla Booth at the first reading The first reading
Anna Bampton at the first reading Nick Fagan at the first reading Libby Drake at the first reading Ruby Faith and Steve Marvanek at the first reading
Hugo Feilke in an arm chair at the first reading Tony Busch at the first reading Ruby Faith at the first reading Gabi Douglas at the first reading

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Season: 2017



Thursday 2nd to Saturday 11th November 2017

@ 7:30pm 2-4th & 8-11th Nov

@2:00pm Sun 5th Nov


Adult $22.75, Child $15.75, Conc $15.75, Group6+ $17.75

Companion Card holders welcome.

Venue: The Studio, Holden Street Theatres

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