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Fringe is well and truly under way at Holden Street, with rave reviews; sell out shows and a bustling bar.

Come out to Holden Street and enjoy some FREE PARKING, drink some delicious Pertaringa Wine or Coopers Beer and check out some of the wonderful Theatre, Dance, Music, Puppetry and Comedy that we have on offer.


by Fiona Evans

Directed by Martha Lott as part of Holden Street Theatres’ Directors’ Choice Season 09

In Monday’s Advertiser, Scarborough was listed NUMBER 1 of the TOP FIVE THINGS TO SEE THIS FRINGE! With FIVE STAR reviews and an exciting new theatre, this show is selling amazingly fast. Scarborough has already SOLD OUT 10 performances, with many more shows only having 1 or 2 seats still available.

“SCARBOROUGH is intimate theatre at its most proximate. Almost like pieces of furniture, the audience shares a tiny bedroom with the two cast members. They hug the walls or sit in the corner while, mainly on the bed, the tense saga of the PE teacher and her student evolves.

It is an illicit tryst, one fraught with danger and heartbreak. This is a beautifully written piece – tight, taut and quite short. Director Martha Lott has been ingenious in the use of this unusual space and in keeping the mood quiet electric between the two protagonists.

Emily Branford and Sebastian Freeman thrust and parry, play and analyse through the emotional gamut – and one realises that one is so enmeshed in their predicament that one has become more fly-on-the-wall than audience.”

An experience and a half. * * * * * Samela Harris – The Advertiser

“This is a piece that will leave you thinking, and whose emotional force will not leave you easily.” Sam Ryan - Arts Hub

(to read the entire review, click here: http://www.artshub.com.au/au/news.asp?sType=review&catId=1069&sc=1&sId=177083

Buy your tickets quickly to see this intimate play in Holden Street Theatres’ new theatre The Manse

Mar 1 - 5 All Tix $15 Mar 6 - 8, 10 - 15 & 17 - 22 7pm & 8pm on 23 Feb and 8 Mar, 7pm, 8pm & 9pm all other nights A $23 C/FB $17 BankSA $21.

The Tailor of Inverness - Krawiec z Inverness

Written and Performed by Matthew Zajac Directed by Ben Harrison

WINNER of the Holden Street Theatres Edinburgh Award, bringing the best of Edinburgh Fringe to Adelaide

The Tailor of Inverness has been brilliantly received by Holden Street audiences. Bringing many a tear to the eye, people have been waiting to talk to Matthew Zajac after the show and share their own families’ stories of migration. Read what our Adelaide Audiences have to say about The Tailor of Inverness on our Facebook Fan Page. Audiences have been rushing to write FIVE STAR Reviews on our Holden Street Theatres Review Forms, which are posted regularly.

“The Tailor of Inverness is a one-man show, written and performed by Matthew Zajac, and it tells the story of Mateusz Zajac, a Polish tailor who fought in the Polish army, was captured by the Nazis, escaped and set about a lengthy journey that led ultimately to freedom in Scotland. A white sheet, scrunched and coloured at the edges provides a flexible backdrop for maps that detail the tailor’s journey, surtitles, and images that complement Zajac’s performance and Gavin Marwick sensitively accompanies his storytelling on a violin.

Zajac has a strong connection with this tailor’s tale because it is the story of his father; he tells it with conviction and flair as he smoothly transforms character, time and place, speaking in numerous languages. Zajac cleverly uses a clothing rack, a tailor’s dummy and various pieces of clothing to become the other characters in his father’s world.

The Tailor of Inverness is exactly the kind of show one hopes to experience in a Fringe festival. Simply but imaginatively staged and convincingly performed by a skilled actor whose character portrayal is warm and entertaining”. - Greg Elliott, Independent Weekly

"Hot from the Edinburgh Fringe. Explosive unveiling behind the Polish Tailor from Inverness” -

**** Samela Harris - The Advertiser

(to read all of Samela Harris’ review, click here: http://www.news.com.au/adelaidenow/story/0,,25110093-5018580,00.html

Get in fast to see The Tailor of Inverness in Holden Street Theatres The Studio Mar 2 @ 11am, Mar 7 - 8 @ 2pm, Mar 22 @ 6pm, Mar 10 - 15 @ 7:45pm, Feb 28, Mar 1, 3 - 7, 17 - 21 @ 8:30pm A $25 C $20 Prv $12 FB $20 BankSA $20

Holden Street Theatres’ Green Team

Did you see our fantastic Green Team out at the Fringe Opening Night Parade? They looked fantastic and we would like to give them a massive thank you for all their hard work making GREEN costumes.

Keep your eyes peeled around the streets of Adelaide for our Green Mean, Organic, Environmentally Friendly 100% Solar Powered Marketing Team. Look for the people on green bikes, in green t-shirts, green hats and at times even sporting gorgeous green wigs, it’s GREEN GREEN GREEN!

The Green Team will be sporting up to date info on our shows, reviews, specials, freebies and other give-aways, so if you see them make sure you go and say “Hi“.

Also playing at Holden Street Theatres:

Sam Lester Exhibition

Feb 24 - Mar 22 FREE

Holy Guacamole

By Daniel Evans

The Good Room

Mar 9 - 14 From $15

MADHU - Sweet Diversity

Presented by Niki Shepherd

Mar 7 - 8 From $12


Theatre Group Gumbo

Feb 28 - Mar 4 From $15

Pie Charts & Panties

Vital Organs Collective & the

Lost Rung

Mar 15 - 21 From $12

Rough for Theatre II

By Samuel Beckett

go begging in assoc. with Urban Myth

Theatre of Youth

Mar 15 - 22 From $8

A Stretch of the Imagination

HIT Productions

Starring John Wood

Mar 18 - 21 From $18

Lane Hinchcliffe

Feb 27 - Mar 2 From $22

Planting the Dunk Botanic Gardens

bigTOE Productions

Feb 27 - Mar 7 From $12

The John Lennon Play: In His Own Write

I Must Not Theatre

Mar 7 - 14 From $10


the indirect object

Mar 12 - 14 From $16

Concrete Solace

Phantom Limbs

Mar 5 - 6 From $12

To book go to www.adelaidefringe.com.au More info at www.holdenstreettheatres.com