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Holden Street Theatres' Adelaide Fringe Award 2016

Thank you to WAXING LYRICAL the Winners of the Award in 2015, it has been a pleasure to have you at Holden Street and we wish you all the best with your next production 'The Storm' during Adelaide Fringe 2016. www.waxinglyricalprod.com.au


This award is presented to a local theatre company or individual with the aim of support their future goals.

The winner will receive FOUR weeks free rental at the theatre which can be used for development, rehearsal or performance.


The award is judged by the Adelaide Critic's Circle and Holden Street Theatres and the winner is chosen their ability and potential.

There is not an application process as such, however you are welcome to send your interest and details of your 2016 Fringe production

to :manager@holdenstreettheatres.com