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The Holden Street Theatres 2019 Adelaide Fringe Festival Program

Check out the amazing collection of shows we hosted at HST in 2019...

On a green background, a series of items including a pair of shoes, a record player, a notebook, some spoons, books, playing cards, sunglasses and keys lay around two sets of outfits that are styled as if being worn by two people lying together. There are no people in the outfits however. Over the top of this, "Extinguished Things", the title of the show, is written. A man in his late-forties is looking towards the camera. He is dressed in an AFL guernsey and has mud on his face. He has been playing a game of Australian Rules football. Below is the name of the show, 'Damian Callinan: The Merger', This is a cartoon picture with bright colours and high contrast. The central feature is an exaggerated mouth, opened ridiculously wide revealing bulbous teeth, a round and fleshy tongue and a uvula hanging at the back of the mouth. The words "HA HA HA" are drawn in funky bold letters in the top left and right corners above the mouth. At the base of the image is written ‘The Adelaide International Comedy Gala’. A landscape photograph of a calm ocean on an overcast day. The flat ocean horizon melts into the cloudy sky, with the imposed text: “Blackrock: written and directed by Nick Enright; produced and directed by Jack Cummins” written in a weathered font. In the lower section of the image the white foam of gently breaking waves creates a network of ominous lace in the shallow water. At the base of the image is written ‘Blackrock’. A cartoon image of a large blue bunny dancing on one leg is wearing a bow-tie, shirt and jacket, and enthusiastically playing a violin. Above the bunny in a multi-coloured font is written “recitals for wrigglers”. In the bottom left corner is written “concerts for babies and toddlers”, with a little chirping blue bird below. Surrounding the figures are multi-coloured circles and musical notes in a variety of sizes. At the base of the image is written ‘Wriggle Around the World’. The image is divided in the middle of the frame, the word “The” is written in white on a black background. Below, the word “Promise” is written in black on a white background with a thin back border. Both words are written in an elegant serif font.
A small Italian woman with dark brown hair stands defiantly on a beach. She is wearing a light blue jacket and has her arms spread out to her sides. the camera looks up at her and she looks powerful. Across the bottom is written 'Build a Rocket'. A man in his late-fifties or early-sixties is sitting in an auditorium with red seats. He is in a dark pinstripe suit with a black cane. At the base of the image is written 'Peter Goers in "Look Ma, No Hans!"'. "ORPHEUS" is written in a graphic arrangement of bold, capitalised letters in bright yellow against a dark blue background. The letters “ORPH” are stacked on top of the letters “EUS”. Below the letter “O” a trunk of a tree extends with a network of branches and oak leaves. At the base of the image is written ‘Orpheus’. A mid-range photograph of a young man standing with a stupefied looking expression. He is wearing a soft peach-coloured dress shirt, with a white neck scarf, a white chef beanie, and a brown apron. With arms ready for action, he stands pressed against a half wood panelled wall, with the upper half of the wall covered in extravagant pink flamingo wallpaper. Hanging on the wall to the left of the man is a kitsch painting of a lamb standing on a sofa. At the base of the image is written ‘Table For Two?’. A goofy photo collage of an actual snail with a painted rainbow coloured trail crossing a photograph of a ‘finish’ line, pasted against a bright solid-yellow background. Pasted on the snail’s shell is the Holden Street Theatres Logo of a black and white church arch. At the base of the image is written ‘The Great Australian Snail Race’. A photograph portrait of a young woman with a beaming smile and long wavy blonde hair, who is looking to the distance beyond the image frame. The top of her seat is visible, and behind her is an urban European landscape, with Victorian tenement buildings and a baroque steeple in the distance. At the base of the image is written ‘Workshop: Writing a Dramatic Dialogue’.
A woman dressed a white athletic outfit and white headband sits on the ground, staring up at something to the left of the image. Behind her is the logo for the 1936 Olympic Games, complete with the Nazi symbol. At the bottom of the image is the title of the show, 'Games by Henry Naylor'. A young girl stands in the centre of the frame with her back facing us. Her hair is in pigtails and she wears an old-fashioned, patterned smock. She is immersed in a landscape of large clouds overlayed with mist, speckles and circles, it is a dreamy landscape. At the base of the image is written 'The Archive of Educated Hearts'. “EURYDICE” is written in a graphic arrangement of bold, capitalised letters in bright yellow against a dark green background. There is a subtle texture across the image, and a shadow coming from the bottom right corner. The letters “EURY” are stacked on top of the letters “DICE”. The leg of the letter “Y” is a tree trunk with a network of roots below. At the base of the image is written ‘Eurydice’. A cartoon image with two elements against a solid orange background. To the left is a large video camera on a tripod, drawn in a rough and scratchy style. On the right and facing the camera is a spindly young witch wearing an exaggeratedly large hat and dress with ornamental curly cues. She stands on one long, thin, stripe-stockinged leg, histrionically directing her wand at the camera. At the base of the image is written ‘Which-Craft?’. At the base of a large rust covered steel sculpture a woman is clasping onto a beam above her head, as though hanging from the sculpture. She is facing the sculpture, with her feet on the ground and her muscular back exposed. Her knees are bent and her left arm is extended, her head is folded over with her hair billows across the sculpture. She is wearing a white halter-neck top and loose black pants and posed on the right, she is the focus on the image and the sculpture is cropped beyond recognition. The sliver of an urban landscape is visible in the distance. At the base of the image is written ‘Here, Elsewhere’.   #
A blonde woman wearing aviator sunglasses and a khaki jacket as part of a fighter pilot's outfit. Below her is a grey air force plane. At the base of the picture is the title of the show, 'Grounded'. The cropped silhouette of a head and neck emerges from the right side of the image frame onto a completely white background. It is the face of a man with a long wiry beard that comes to a sharp point. His head is slightly bowed and his face and neck are cast in a deep shadow. A sliver of light comes from above and catches the edge of his furrowed brow and nose. At the base of the image is written 'Bin Landen: The One Man Show’. A high angled portrait of a surly faced young man against a white background. His golden and bejewelled crown sits casually on top of his long blonde hair, and beneath his furrowed brows his piercing eyes scowl out. He is wearing a black knit sweater and has a sharply starched white collared shirt. At the base of the image is written ‘The boy, George’. Three figures are arranged in a dynamic composition against a solid-white background. A close-up portrait of a man's face cropped down the middle frames the right side of the image. Behind his shoulder a young woman in shorts and t-shirt dances with her head thrown back and long hair swaying behind her. Further in the distance a woman stands ready, gripping her elegant cello. At the base of the image is written ‘Isolate & Izolál’. An image of a modern couch, house-plant and side-table setting composed perpendicularly and mirrored on the left and right. On the left a smartly dressed couple sit on opposite ends of the couch looking away from each other with sour and disappointed expressions. The woman is holding a glass of red wine, and the man is holding bottle of beer; there are empty alcohol bottles strewn at the base of the couch. On the right the couple are sitting together in casual clothes with their shoes off. The woman is resting her legs across the man’s thighs, and his hand is holding her thigh; they are looking into each other’s eyes and smiling, with funky pillows laid out on the couch. At the top of the image is written ‘Undertow. we sure are isolated out here’.