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by Paddy Cunneen

★★★★★ The Advertiser – Samela Harris

★★★★★ Sunday Mail – Matt Byrne

★★★★ Kryztoff

★★★★★ Theatre Guide Online

When his friend is stabbed, a young lad from a housing scheme falls in with a gang. The terrible revenge he takes at random brings disaster on himself and the family of his victim. Inspired by the Iliad and drawing on Glasgow’s ‘knife culture,’ Fleeto is a hard-hitting contemporary Scottish re-invention of the Greek tragic form. Using appropriately strong language, it is by turns frightening and deeply moving, provoking much thought and debate on the issue of violence in our communities.


The Origin of Species...

by John Hinton

"masses of fun smart, pithy, quirky and classy. A Fringe gem" Advertiser - Samela Harris

"John Hinton is an absolute joy" - Adelaide Theatre Guide

"...it is clear that this one is going to be a winner." - Glam Adelaide

Edinburgh Fringe sell-out. UK and European tour smash hit. A show for young and old alike, The Origin of Species... tells the incredible story of how Charles Darwin came to discover the secrets of evolution. It’s a show packed with big ideas, terrible puns, brilliant physical comedy and six cracking original songs about everything from blasted boring barnacles to the perils of marrying your own cousin.


Nostalgia for Reality

"It dazzles with compelling monologues, exhilarating dance, heart-rending movement, beautiful music, puppetry, projections, humour and generous audience participation. " Advertiser


Wispa and the Golden Dragon

Presented by Shimmer Entertainment

"Wispa is a flying unicorn. He eventually arrived on stage in a dazzling white costume with feathery wings."Advertiser - Louise Nunn

Wispa and the Golden Dragon is a magical tale about a flying unicorn named Wispa, and Clair the child Fairy Princess.Together they must save the farm animals from the mean and nasty Chicken-Bone Wizard.


Reflections of the Unseen

Presented by Kashkul Ensemble

Kashkul is a traditional Persian music ensemble performing original compositions by Behnoosh Aryanpad, inspired by the ancient modes and Poems of Iran. The sublime melodies set to classical and contemporary poetry are brought to life by Shiva’s exquisite voice and supported by tar, bam tar, kamanche , ney and daf.


Lords of Luxury

Presented by Lord of Luxury

A demented and endearing haphazard sketch comedy onslaught from the brains (and performing bodies) of Nova 919’s Matt Saraceni and Dan Debuf, Triple J’s Paul Verhoeven, and 2009 MICF sell-out Luke Ryan.



Presented by Lahara

Lahara creates live loops of World/Funk/Dub music in an electronic visual environment. A surreal landscape of light that responds to the sonic atmosphere, animated with a contemporary spin on traditional shadow puppetry expands the space of storytelling.


Two Points of Reality

Presented by Move Through Life Dance Company

Two Points of Reality depicts today’s reality while also presenting the reality experienced by an individual with dementia. Take a fly on the wall perspective of the world in which a person with dementia lives and gain an understanding of why people with dementia act the way they do.


WYRD... With Grace

Presented by Alexandra Knox

‘Wyrd’ from the Old English ‘weorþan’: to come to pass, to become.

Dreams of Grace, dreams of Strength, dreams of Wisdom; Three strands winding into a thread of vision; vision spins into action; a chord of action weaves into a web, a web of creation, a web of Wyrd. Wyrd is a collaboration of contemporary dance, visual art and music shown within choreographed and improvised scores and structures..


Back of the Bus

Presented by Java Dance Company

Come ride on a bus through the streets of Adelaide as dancers propel themselves along the aisles and hang from the roof. Physical comedy, pure kinetic energy and outrageous scenarios combine to create a magical mystery tour of the unexpected. Fresh from sell-out seasons at 6 NZ arts festivals.


Aladdin And His Magic Ipod

Presented by Jally Entertainment

Aladdin was sick and tired of his boring old lamp, so he traded it in for a brand-new iPod – WOW! Now he can sit around all day listening to his favourite songs while all of his wishes are being granted. There’s just one problem – his new Genie is not very good at his job. He’s only learning and makes lots of really big mistakes… Be Careful what you wish for- Aladdin!


Judith Lucy - Nothing Fancy

Presented by Token

No singing, no dancing, just gags about everything

from meditation to beards.

“Lucy is one of our finest comic talents” Sydney Morning Herald


Wee Andy

by Paddy Cunneen

★★★★★ Sunday Mail – Matt Byrne

★★★★★ The Advertiser – Louise Nunn

★★★★ Kryztoff

★★★★ Adelaide Now Magazine

Wee Andy examines what happens to an innocent young lad whose life is shattered when he is attacked by a gang. It is the story of how medical services try to repair the physical damage, how his mother tries to keep him safe, and how Wee Andy tries to imagine a life for himself in a world bordered by four local streets – where empathy and care are hard to come by.


Be Your Age

"It's a gem in itself."- Advertiser


Drowning in Veronica Lake

"Ellis is captivating in her performance, slowly drawing you further and further into the midst of the fallen star’s story... This is a very polished show..."Adelaide Theatre Guide

Brilliant and beautiful, in 1942 Veronica Lake was the hottest discovery in Hollywood. Now, forty years after her death, trapped somewhere between Paramount and Purgatory, she battles the system, her lust for stardom, booze, the wrong men and her spectacular decline into obscurity. ‘A Stunning Performance!’ Dominion Post, Wellington, NZ.


Rough Trade

Presented by Violent Romantics

"FIGHT Club meets Big Brother in this cross-artform mash-up by young Queensland ensemble The Violent Romantics. Advertiser - Patrick McDonald

"genuine talent" - Adelaide Theatre Guide

Welcome to the Rough Trade, the show where savagery, the commodified body, and identify intertwine, in the glorious name of Reality Entertainment. Four sadistically sexy individuals are pitted against each other in a sordid spectacle designed especially for your viewing pleasure. Don’t be fooled by their pretty, painted faces: these kitties have claws. Rated - MA


The Magic Hat

Presented by Drop Bear Theatre

"...fun, family-friendly interpretation of a charming tale." - Adelaide Theatre Guide


Luke Escombe - Chronic

Presented by Dri-Clean Only

Meet Luke Escombe: musician, MC, pimp. He spent years trying to be a family-friendly acoustic folk artiste. The charade nearly killed him.


Legacy of the Tiger Mother

Presented by Angela Chan

Like many Chinese, Mei and her mom Lily consider the piano the “gateway to success.” But at her daughter Kim’s piano recital, Mei clashes with Lily over how much is too much in parenting. East meets west in this funny, irreverent and moving story of tough love, Asian style.


What if We Ran the World?

Presented by Chuckles Creative Learning Academy

What would you do if you ran the world?

This question was posed to children locally and internationally during a two week programme facilitating participants' creativity and future prospectives. Let us take you on the journey.


Echoes - A South Australian Pink Floyd Concept Band

Presented by Echoes of Adelaide

Formed in November of 2009, the band consists of 5 members. We play only Pink Floyd, with songs from albums from ‘Dark Side’ through to ‘Pulse’ and the Epic song ‘Echoes’ from the ‘Meddle’ album. So if you love Pink Floyd, come see us @ The Adelaide Fringe Festival 2012.


Autobahn by Neil Labute

Presented by Pantsguys Productions

Be it the medium for clandestine couplings, arguments, or ultimately transportation, the automobile is perhaps the most modern of spaces. In autobaun, Neil LaBute investigates the apprehension surrounding the steering wheel. The result is an unsettling montage that reveals the scabrous force of words left unsaid.


Funny Business - There's A Galah In The Town Hall

Presented by Weslo Holdings Pty Ltd & Holden Street Theatres

Get your glad rags on as Funny Larrikins make Galahs of themselves in a raucous night of hilarity and fun. Comedians from everywhere gather in the name of silliness.

2012 stars: Sammy J & Randy, Felicity Ward, Smart Casual, Terrible Infants, Christophe Davidson and more.


Trailer Park Boys

Presented by Adrian Bohm

Trailer Park Boys are coming to Australia for the very first time, bringing the insanely hilarious antics of Sunnyvale trailer park, based on the cult hit TV show, live on stage! Don’t miss this outrageously funny night with Ricky, Julian & Bubbles on the ‘Drunk, High & Unemployed’ Tour.


Hudsie Herman - I Don't Give A @#$%!

Presented by Pythonos Productions

Who is Hudsie Herman? Why is he here? Why are his melancholy songs so damn funny? Don't hate him just because he can't stand humanity and all its failings. Love him, because you know you really are a little bit like him too.


The Terrible Infants

Winner HST EdFringe Award 2011 performed Adelaide Fringe 2012.

Winner of the Adelaide Fringe Best Theatre Award Wk1

★★★★★ The Advertiser

★★★★★ Sunday Mail – Matt Byrne

★★★★★ Kryztoff

★★★★★ Adelaide Theatre Guide

★★★★★ Adelaide Magazine

★★★★1/2 Theatre Guide Online

Les Enfants Terribles Theatre Company presents their new version of their multi-award winning show, based upon a series of twisted tales by Oliver Lansley and illustrator/designer Sam Wyer. 'The Terrible Infants' blends puppetry, live music, performance, storytelling and physicality into a highly sensory theatrical feast suitable for big kids and small grown-ups, featuring narration from Dame Judi Dench. Meet Tumb, the boy who eats his mum, Thingummyboy, with a face even his mother forgets, Little Linena, the material girl, Manky Mingus and of course little Tilly and her terrible tail. Roald Dahl meets Tim Burton in this hugely theatrical, scary, funny, sad, silly, junk-filled, puppetry packed, dark, delicious, musical, magical piece of performance.


His Ghostly Heart

"...memorable experience for an audience and quite a triumph for Holden Street Productions." Advertiser - Samela Harris

"This is a distinctive theatrical experience and a fine production of a well written, thought-provoking play." - Kryztoff Magazine

I wanted to change. To let the dark make me clean, heal me.’ Lead writer on ‘Skins’, Ben Schiffer lets us eavesdrop on an intimate unnerving moment between lovers. Staged completely in the dark this rare intrusion on a private moment shares with the audience a beautiful insight into a young girls mind. With the raw energy and truthful writing of Ben Schiffer we are able to feel the emotions of the characters and understand the thoughts of these young people's most inner thoughts.


Road Movie

"this show belongs to Hoult and his seamless, bravura performance." - Adelaide Theatre Guide

"exquisite characters" Advertiser - Tim Lloyd

This funny one man show is a compelling and moving tale of love, loss and letting go, set in America at the height of the 90's AIDS crisis. It combines Godfrey Hamilton's evocative and lyrical text with an engaging central performance from Dirk Hoult to create a vivid theatrical experience.



Presented by Theatre Beating

"Trygve Wakenshaw’s one-man show has moments of off-beat whimsy and a genial vibe of unselfconscious silliness." The Adelaide Theatre Guide

Trygve Wakenshaw performs a solo physical comedy about a squid. An optimistic tale proposing that the thing that sets us apart from the animals, is our imagination. This show is a pleasing journey through the playground of dreams.


One Flesh

Presented by Makayla Bishop & Micharne Cloughley

Love, faith and reality collide in 'One Flesh'. This new play throws the Book of Esther into contemporary Australian suburbia. The story brings together two very different women, in love with the same man. They challenge the rules that are breaking each other. More than hearts will be broken.


Light Relief

Presented by Geoff Cotton & Violeta Hart

Light Relief is a fast-moving comedy show from London featuring songs, sketches, stand-up, news, sport and very special guests including James Bond, Sacha Distilled, Maria Shoutapova, England Footballer Terry Johnson and Ricky Punting. Songs include `Vegetarian Blues', `I'm An Old James Bond', Maria and `Football Star'.


The Farce Of Sodom Or The Quintessence Of Debauchery

Presented by Aleela Creatives

This controversial play, banned for over 200 years, takes us into the final hedonistic days of the world’s most debaucherous city. Sodom must burn, but before it does a cast of comedians and burlesque performers will breath life into the city’s character; a sinful spectacle of hilarious shocking theatre.


Craig Annis Is A "Knob Jockey"

Presented by SAFM's Craig Annis

In 1989 a school bully called SAFM’s Craig Annis a KnobJockey. He was right. Fat, with comb-over hair, reading Noddy: Craig deserved every beating! Has he changed? A roller-coaster variety hour of standup, song, eavesdropping, cake, puppet-loving and abundant stupidity.


Angel's Eyes

Presented by Melbourne Dance Theatre

Melbourne Dance Theatre’s performance of ‘Angels’ Eyes’ is an innovative new work produced especially for the Adelaide Fringe Festival. ‘Angels’ Eyes’ takes you on a journey to explore the world we live in through the beautiful eyes of children with autism whose outlook on life is pure, coated in sweet innocence, embraces simplicity and inspires inner joy and happiness. This work promises a profound experience that is deeply moving, impacting and visually inspiring.


Ross Noble - Nonsensory Overload

Presented by A-List Entertainment

Ross Noble brings a brand new tour, Nonsensory Overload to Australia, following the success of last year's UK 160 date THINGS tour.…

Nonsensory Overload is Noble back fresh from his travels, not to mention his own TV show, doing what he does best; spinning forth hilarious nonsense for your amusement. Now is your chance to see one of the best live comics working internationally today. Prepare your brain for a Nonsensory Overload!.


Frank Woodley - Bemusement Park

Presented by Token

Frank is built from funny, it’s in his bones. Wide-eyed, he weaves physical comedy, whimsical songs and standup into a hilarious, slapstick, drop down hour of fun.

“One of our greatest comic talents…at once dapper and goofy, Woodley marries classic comedy schtick with clever, modern material” The Age