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by Ben Woolf (UK)

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★★★★★ - Three Weeks.

Straight from a sell-out season, and 5 star reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, “Angry Young Man” is a nimble satire exploring the duplicitous nature of attitudes towards immigration. Angry Young Man is playing every night during the Fringe and shouldn’t be missed.


Since there is such a dire and shameful lack of contemporary university satirists, it is comforting to know that the oldies are still the goodies! This witty, biting satire of politics and current events will sell out, as a number of Adelaide’s community leaders revisit their revolutionary youth ideals and apply the blow torch to the present crop of would be leaders. See the famous or infamous Adelaide University Footlights in this riotous romp complete with Zimmer frames, the 1813 overture and horsies and duckies…


“Spirit of the Fringe”- The Advertiser

“…A father pisses away a family’s love. A young woman reflects on the desires which destroy her. Squatters find themselves victims of a random attack. Two friends muse on the difficulties of making anything last. The truth is, everyone dies all the time…” Unstoppable Huxtable were dubbed the “spirit-of-the-Fringe” by Samela Harris in 2004 with their show Little Adelaide. This year the local troop is set to impress Fringe audiences with their latest production “Waking Wounded”.


World Premiere.

With an original score and dynamic light and sound design this is theatre that breathes and sweats! Supported by Adelaide’s esteemed Urban Myth Theatre of Youth, This new work by Lachlan Tetlow-Stuart is experimental and adventurous and promises to be an incredible event.


The biggest car boot sale in the universe! (On that day). Sausage Sizzle, Roaming Performers, Face Painters, Tarot Readings, Bar Facilities, DJ, Tea and Coffee, Hot Corn and Stuff to buy….. What more could you want? Enjoy a family day in the Holden Street Car Park with lots of other people doing the same thing. Registrations for sellers are still open or just come and enjoy on the day.



Nepal Nritya Mela is an exotic dance programme of different ethnic groups of Nepalese communities picked from the Himalayan region, Hills, Valleys and Terai. Nepal Nritya Mela mirrors Nepali cultures and the lifestyle. Based in Kathmandu, Shreekala Natya Samuha is an 11-member cultural performance troupe whose name is a metaphor for the spirit of the many varied ethnic groups in the Nepalese region. After very successful seasons at the Edinburgh and Hong Kong Fringe Festivals, Holden Street is proud to welcome this visual feast to its stage.


“engagingly cheerful” – The Age. “A very sassy piece of theatre” - “An impressive and stylish piece of writing with a strong likelihood of reaching a large and enthusiastic audience.”

Madeleine is not herself. It is her last day waitressing at a restaurant, her last day of tedium, and her last day of waiting. Or is it? …table three is a real headache, a cranky man who never stops complaining…then there are the vegetarian fanatics on table 2, the food-cops on table 5 and the mind-changers at the back! If you’ve ever worked in hospitality you will relate to Alex Collier’s Still Waiting, and if you haven’t, you’ll enjoy it anyway! Still Waiting delves into the places that people go when they are waiting for their life to begin. A light, energetic, quixotic play about anticipating change set in a restaurant where the employees dream about other lives. This cheerful and entertaining play is the result of 10 years of waitressing on the part of its writer in which she watched as well as waited, and took notes. The result is a slice of life that will seem achingly familiar to some. Direct from a sell-out Melbourne season Still Waiting was awarded the RE Ross Trust Playwright’s Award.


“Who would we like to see in these audiences? Anyone who has ever decided, or had a decision made for them, to move from one place to another and as a nation made up of migrants and many displaced Indigenous communities and individuals, this applies to many. In other words, relevant to: every human being in Australia.”

Explore and celebrate the stories and viewpoints from our multicultural community. Performed by the Riverland Youth Theatre one of South Australia's leading regional youth arts organisations that connects young people with avenues for artistic expression, this compelling piece of theatre is what makes the Fringe “the Fringe”.




Think Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, think…Steve Martin, Richard Prior or John Cleese…Set in a time of feudal lords, coquettish wenches, wandering minstrels and pudding-basin hair cuts, The Bubonic Play is a hilarious, infectious comedy of the same kind! This brilliantly funny, strangely touching tale of sex and death and the search for a cure for the plague will keep audiences laughing every night of the Fringe.


For everyone who loves the English language and for devotees of Milton, Milton! Let Thy Song Soar! Should not be missed! Be enthralled by this classic dramatic poem, Milton’s: Paradise Lost (Book 1) as it was meant to be heard, beautifully and flawlessly staged Milton brings his own work to life. David Burns shows that Paradise Lost also has a claim to the title of ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told’.


An Australian Premiere from the award winning writer Richard Viede, this fantastical story explores the choices of three different women in three different ways. Three times. Three wars. Three choices. Peggy, Grace and Swansi face fear and adversity; who will they choose to be? Using the Greek Fates award winning writer Richard Viede celebrates the triumph of spirit over flesh. Fight or keep the faith... but destiny is in the hands of The Moirai. Featuring a cast of new graduates from Sydney’s prestigious The Actor’s Centre, the production is a poignant look at fate and destiny.


“Awesome! Really funny! I laughed so hard my waters nearly broke” – pregnant woman.

Comedy as you have never seen it before! Our favourite Commedia de L’arte group returns with their new show Bizzurk! Using circus, physical skill, live music, improvisation and verbal wit, Troupe Dart tell stories that expose human greed, stupidity and hypocrisy while poking fun at life in a thought provoking, side splitting way.