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HST Adelaide Fringe 2009

A Winner of an Advertiser Fringe Award, Nominations for Fringe Award for Best Theatre, Two Nominations for Fringe Award for Best Performer with one commendation and a WINNER of the Fringe Award for Best Puppetry....


And now...... Some FUN FACTS.........

Holden Street housed 13.25% of theatre, 14.20% of Dance and .9% of music in the Fringe program. We had 150 individual performances by 13 companies and welcomed over 6750 patrons through our doors, a 25% increase on last year... Not bad for a little venue out of the city... Not bad at all...

The Shows were Scarborough, The Tailor of Inverness - Krawiec z Inverness, Rough for Theatre 11, Nightlife, Concrete Solace, Pie Charts and Panties, Holy Guacamole, Planting the Dunk Botanic Gardens, The John Lennon Play: In His Own Write, A Stretch of The Imagination, MADHU - Sweet Diversity, JP, Lane Hinchcliffe and The Sam Lester Art Exhibition... Presented by companies from SA, NSW, VIC and QLD, UK, Scotland and Japan

Scarborough sold out in the end and the only way we could fit everyone in was by shifting the furniture so we did.

Tailor of Inverness flew in and performed within 24 hours of landing and flew out about 12 hours after the last show...

We had to remember to tell John Ho (the man in the window of Rough for Theatre 11 by Samuel Beckett) to move because otherwise he would still be standing there now. Bizarre but true...

We had over 35 AMAZING volunteers who helped us out and kept us going and Linka was the tallest.

Again the main Beer of choice was Coopers Pale Ale, and the favourite wine was Pertaringa Scarecrow Sem Sav (white wine) and Pertaringa Undercover Shiraz (red wine) all South Australian products.

Over 4 kg of organic ground coffee was filtered and consumed (and not just by the staff). The main chocolate of choice was Mars Bar and the favourite Chip of choice was Cheese Twisties AGAIN... (not even a chip!!).

We danced to Proud Mary and did the Scottish Gig, we drank Scottish whisky and saw the dawn a few times. Our cheeks were sore from smiling and The Nature Foundation finally got their boardroom back. Sad to see it go really we had a ball and ....WE LOVE THE FRINGE!!!!!!!


Tailor of Inverness

Award Winner HST EdFringe Award 2008 Performed Adelaide Fringe 2009


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2009 – The Advertiser Fringe Award for Theatre – Scarborough by Fiona Evans (directed by Martha Lott),

Nominated Adelaide Fringe Award for Best Performance Venue,

Nominated Adelaide Fringe Award for Best Performer & Best Solo Show -

The Tailor of Inverness – Krawiecz Inverness (Scotland) -